Watercolour Titles

Hi There,

I like to watercolour! Most of my homes have had at least one little painting, usually of a flower, a simple landscape or a windmill.  I had a go at doing a watercolour background with a strong wash but thought I would have a go at a title, like I’ve seen Shimelle done in her 20 Project and look fab.


Getting your handwriting to adapt to a watercolour brush was much harder than I thought it was going to be and I need a lot of practice but thought my first attempts looked pretty cute on the page


This is a layout which is pretty close to one made by Shimelle’s in her 20 Project or Scrapbooking Process courses. I thought both were pretty good and look forward to more classes by her in the future. I used a bold pattern from the Star shine line for the back ground and used some random pink, white and blue papers and die cuts for the embellishments up one side.


I finished the pages with some enamel dots and sticker flowers on foam dots.

Thanks for reading 🙂




Author: koala

Hi There. I'm a new craft addict in the UK.

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